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Canine Therapy for First Responders

At Canine Therapy for First Responders (CTFFR Atlantic), our mission is to provide certified Service and Facility dogs the First Responder/Veteran community with the resources and support they need to cope with the struggles of their occupational illness. We offer specially trained Service/Facility dogs to help first responders with mental health and any physical challenges they may experience. These dogs are physical aids that are trained and educated to assist their handler during a time of need. Whether it be a trigger warning, or picking up your keys, A dogs can be taught upward of 200 tasks to assist their handler at anytime.

Mental Health Resources

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About Us

Get to Know Us

Canine Therapy for First Responders is a non-profit organization dedicated to procuring and training to the highest level under our CTFFR Atlantic program through certification status to first responders and veterans in need of mental health support. Specially trained dogs can make a paw-sitive difference in the lives of first responders and veterans who have experienced traumatic events. We provide highly trained and certified canines to help those in need. Our team of dedicated volunteers and sponsors are working hard to make this a reality to our first responders and veterans, allowing them to find peace, laughter and find their passions in life.


When you make a donation to CTFFR Atlantic, you are directly contributing to our efforts in acquiring dogs, providing them with comprehensive training, and equipping them with the necessary gear. Your support plays a crucial role in ensuring that we can continue our mission of helping these furry canines find their forever homes and serve as valuable assets in various capacities.

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