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Member Registry

Canine Therapy for First Responders is a non-profit dedicated to connecting first responders with Service/Facility dogs, providing a safe and healthy outlet for those struggling with mental health issues and PTSD. Our organization has been helping first responders in Atlantic Canada for years, and our network of members is constantly growing. In this section, we proudly present a comprehensive list of our verified members and the respective provinces in which they reside. We understand the importance of transparency and trust when it comes to building a strong community, which is why we have taken the time to verify each member.

We believe that everyone has a right to mental health care, and we are proud to be able to provide this service to those who need it. If you or someone you know is struggling, please reach out and join our community.

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Service Dog Guidelines by Province.

 Attached below are the guidelines that are set for each individual Atlantic Province. We follow strict guidelines for each Atlantic Province. We are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for our first responders, and our goal is to help them heal and start on a path of recovery.

Any question which may arise please feel free to check out the Guideline for the respective Province, or, reach out to us.

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