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Facility Dogs

Canine Therapy for First Responders is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing free mental health supportive services and canine programs for first responders across all industries, including Canadian Armed Forces active and retired members in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Nova Scotia. Our mission is to ensure that these brave individuals have access to the resources they need to cope with the unique stressors they face in their daily lives. Through our services, we hope to offer a compassionate and supportive environment for first responders to heal, connect, and thrive.

Certified Facility Dog Program

Facility Support dogs are for use by Professional Agencies (Policing, RCMP,Fire Departments, Paramedic Services, Victim Services, etc) with individuals in traumatic situations. These canines are trained to provide comfort to victims or witnesses of a crime or sudden tragedy. Facility Support dogs will provide on scene support when requested to those most vulnerable in our community, as well as provide added support to persons providing difficult disclosure to police for crimes such as child abuse, sexual assault, etc. These K9’s may work with members of the public as described, or soley within their assigned station supporting the Members of their Department/Crew. Each dog undergoes extensive lifelong training with support direct from our Training Team. 

Benefits of a Facility Dog within the First Responder Workplace

  • For a truly successful deployment, implementation and ongoing positive Facility Dog program, high level contribution and collaboration is required from the Municipality.




Successful Goals

  • Improve the Mental Health of First Responders

  • Collaborate directly with community calendars for events for the K9 Team, have community presence at every available opportunity to represent Mental Health, Safety and wellness. (examples: Wellness days 1x per week, visiting youth community groups, community events featuring the dog as an advertising medium for the municipality). Increase exposure to community, and awareness to cause.

  • People simply LOVE the Facility Dogs. They enjoy the photos, the updates, the antics of the dogs and also the messages that are carried with each.

  • Social Media plays a high role in keeping the interest and exposure to the public. CTFFR aids in this as we understand the Department and Handlers do not have the capacity within their day to day roles.

What a Facility Dog Program Offers

Our programs are offered at NO COST to our First Responders and Veterans. Canine Therapy for First Responders, CTFFR Atlantic undertakes the following for Facility Dog placements for successful applicant Stations/Locations/Department:

  • Procurement of the K9

  • Conducts end to end training from puppy through to Certification (18-24m), and support model for the Handler(s), department for the life of the K9

  • Membership Support – our Team works with the entire department to ensure all Members have confidence with their deployed K9

  • The necessities for life of the K9: Sponsored Food, sponsored Puppy Deployment Package, Veterinarian Collaborative
    sponsorship, Pet Insurance

  • Social media

  • Media launch collaboration with Municipalities, as well as the Department Applicant to ensure maximum exposure and impact

  • Promotional Materials for the K9 – Initial Sticker designs, promotional items such as t-shirts, stuffed dogs, etc

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