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K9 Tanker: Riverview Fire and Rescue Newest Member.

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

The placement of K9 Tanker was a special one indeed, as our precious Members at Riverview Fire Department had experienced a great loss in our first puppy placement with the sudden passing of K9 Murphy at just 10 weeks old. The very individuals we set out to serve, were surrounded in immeasurable shock and grief. IT was the true love of community, kindness of others and support that helped them reach a point to resume our program with the introduction of the simply sweet and adorable K9 Tanker. Canine Therapy for First Responders is forever grateful for the support given to all during this time, especially our Riverview Fire team.

K9 Tanker literally always looks like he’s smiling, he is a very well behaved 8 month old dog whom is responding very well to his training for Certified Facility Dog along side handler Lieutenant David Murray of the Riverview Fire Department.

K9 Tanker is Village Raised by CTFFR volunteer Julie (and her amazing active 4 children) who take him on a multitude of activities within his community helping with his busy schedule. When not with his Village raiser family, or at work, K9 Tanker is at home or on the Canine Therapy for First Responders road with handler and family Lieutenant Murray, his wife Misty, and their two adult children and K9 sister Rosie.

K9 Tanker's placement holds a special significance for the Riverview Fire Department, as it follows a heartbreaking loss. Our first puppy placement, K9 Murphy, tragically passed away at just 10 weeks old. This unexpected loss deeply affected not only our department but also the community we are dedicated to serving.

The sudden passing of K9 Murphy left us all in a state of shock and grief. However, it is during times like these that we must find strength and resilience to move forward. The arrival of K9 Tanker brings renewed hope and purpose to our department.

In times of adversity, it is the true love of community that shines through. The kindness and support from others can make all the difference in overcoming challenges and reaching new heights. This sentiment holds true for Canine Therapy for First Responders as well.





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