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CharlieB: Miramichi Fires Facility Dog

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

CharlieB K9 was held and puppy raised in the Charlotte County region of New Brunswick, and worked as a ‘roaming’ dog during his training until placement with the Miramichi Fire Department in late fall of 2020.

Miramichi and surrounding areas had experienced a number of fatalities during CharlieB’s loaner visits to them, and found his furerver home with his Firefighters in Miramichi supporting them and other Departments during these community tragedies.

From 12 weeks of age until his deployment at 13 months,

CharlieB K9 (named in honour of former Saint John Police Force Chief Charlie Breen) worked and supported over 450 members in the southeastern section of NB from Sussex to St. Stephen. He was the first K9 to trial within a NB Justice Facility with the Saint John Law Courts from December 2019 until Covid lockdown on March 13/2020.

During Covid lockdown, CharlieB once again reverted to a ‘roaming’ dog and travelled within the province providing his comfort and services to First Responders across the entire province earning himself a nomination from IAFF 771 Saint John Fire Firefighters for ‘Stepping up During Covid’. CharlieB K9 was one of 91 recognized individuals by the Canine Therapy for First Responders Province of New Brunswick for his significant work to support those who support us.

CharlieB found his home with the Miramichi Fire Department after two ‘loaner’ visits to them. CharlieB was originally assigned two handlers, Firefighter and IAFF 7087 Union President Jason Brennan, and Lieutenant and IAFF 7087 Union Treasurer Pat Brogan. When CharlieB began his advancement training at 2yo, Lieutenant Pat Brogan became sole handler to lead him towards his path of Certifications.

Lieutenant Brogan and CharlieB K9 were the very first IAFF self led trained K9 team invited to the elite FCSO Therapy K9 October 2023 Certification Program in Columbus, Ohio held at the National K9 Academy.

Lieutenant Brogan and CharlieB K9 successfully earned their Certification Titles of Law Enforcement and Justice Facility K9, American and Canadian Good Canine Certificates.

CharlieB K9 is very actively involved within his community visiting local groups such as day cares and senior centers, autism and youth support centers, suicide prevention groups, attending local functions along with his role as Facility Dog for the Miramichi Fire Department members. He also provides Critical Incident Management support to his own department, as well as several others. He is also the superstar of their Fire Prevention videos and annual campaign.

CharlieB K9 lives and is handled by Lieutenant Patrick Brogan, is absolutely adored by his two little girls and his community of beautiful Miramichi.


Date of Birth: August 8th, 2019.

Breed: Labrador retriever (Black)

Deployment: City of Miramichi Fire Department, IAFF 7087. Miramichi, New Brunswick

Donation: We are incredibly grateful to Atlantic Coast Labradors for their generous donation of CharlieB. This deployment would not have been possible without the support and contribution of such a wonderful organization.

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