What We Do

CTFFR is a non-profit volunteer and community driven program to provide Certified Facility Dogs and Certified Service Dog K9’s to Atlantic Canada’s First Responders and Canadian Armed Forces personnel for free with a dedicated organization to support the Client during the entire process which includes Mental Health collaboration and support with Professionally Licensed, Qualified and experienced Mental Health Advisory experts. 

CTFFR aids all clients through our process of acquiring a Certified K9 trained to the highest of industry standards under CTFFR’s K9 Training Program Modules and Public Access testing requirements led by a Master Trainer along with apprentice Trainers. A Facility Dog or a Service Dog is not a pet, these K9’s undertake hundreds of thousands of hours of training to perform their duties and roles for their Masters. It is a commitment for the life of the dog. Canine Therapy for First Responders recognizes that each Member we serve has differences and our program is tailored directly to each individual Client’s needs. 

A dog brings an instant natural comfort and calming effect to individuals whom are under stress. Psychological studies show that five minutes of therapeutic animal interaction can lower heart rates and blood pressure almost back to normal levels. First Responders often act on high adrenaline, the presence of a Facility and/or Service dog is simply one more Mental Health tool available to them.