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In Memoriam: Blackie, an Angel with 4 Paws

Blackie was a Service Dog that our Master Trainer, Rhonda Langille had who has crossed the rainbow bridge. Here is a beautiful write up about Blackie.

My dear sweet, and beautiful Blackie who was with me for a full 12 years was an angel with 4 paws.

Blackie was born in my home, her mom was Jade, a sweet natured lab that loved everyone, and always happy to show off her puppies if we were home or not. Jade was a proud momma.

Blackie was the first puppy to crawl out of the whelping box, climb the stairs, find people to snuggle with, first out the door for potty time, first to learn to sit, down come, wait for mealtimes, and maneuver over every obstacle that she encountered, and the first to make friends with the horses. It was cute to watch a little tiny puppy go into the horse’s stall and play in the straw and chips and fall asleep with a horse laying down or standing over the pup as Blackie just fell asleep wherever she was. Black knew when she was about 4 months old that my sister had cancer and would not leave her side. Yes, she was quite the charter as a young pup.

As many people know I was training service dogs most of my life, and Blackie was an important part of helping people receiving their own special physical aid. Many were falling in love with their dog, and also many did not even know if they wanted a service dog, and many were afraid of venturing out by themselves, Black would often go with people while the learned the ropes of working with a service dog and going out alone, etc. She helped many to feel safe enough to do this. Black also traveled on short plan trips, cruises around Halifax harbor, rode in taxis, and buses all to help very special people to feel this is what it is like to have a service dog.

Blackie was also my service dog, my own physical aid, as I had difficulty bending and when I fell it was not a pretty sight for getting up. My dear sweet girl would come over lick my face, and get into the proper position to help me get back onto two feet. The day she crossed over the rainbow bridge, she was so amazing… she helped me up as I laid on the floor saying good by, but the pain was too much, and I had to get onto a chair.

Blackie was always ready to go anywhere I was going, hiking the miles of trails that Nova Scotia has, walking the beaches, coming with me when I was riding my horses. Blacks was my best friend and she totally enjoyed being loved, and giving love.

Black was a friend to many but to me she was my best friend, constant companion, canine soulmate, and most of all a loving friend that I dearly missed.

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